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From The Desk of Brent Coralli – May Nets Many Positives for Sting Soccer

May is a part of our busy season. A time when I am so thankful for the dedicated team of individuals at Sting and VOLA who work tirelessly and passionately. I wanted to quickly touch upon several items:

-       I read about this 16 year old girl who graduated high school and college at the same time. According to the Today Show blog, last Friday, one week before her high school graduation, Grace Bush donned a cap and gown for another auspicious ceremony: Her college graduation. While completing her high school coursework on an accelerated schedule — and playing flute in two orchestras — she simultaneously earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in Spanish from a south Florida university.

It reminded me about our Sting girls who have a rigorous schedule. Whether it is practicing two to three times a week, traveling to games throughout the country, keeping up their grades and participating in community service – - they are still netting real results. This year alone, Sting girls received scholarships – - many of them full-rides – - to colleges like Notre Dame, Kentucky, A&M and many, many others.

-       There’s been some talk coming from Sting’s part of KTVT-TV’s segment on Girls’ Soccer Club Looking For ‘Bossy’ Players, Doesn’t Mind Word. In the piece, I said – We want our young ladies to feel confidence, have the leadership to speak out.

What didn’t make it into the story was the next part of what I said – - We don’t have time for name calling or labels. Honestly, we really don’t put much thought to it. I’m very proud and humbled to say our girls do the right thing on and off the field and have the confidence and self-awareness within themselves to embrace and love who they are – - we know we cannot control what others say or do toward us.

-       Speaking of confidence and self-awareness, I recently came across this Brent Coralli’s Sting Soccer Highlight Reel.  If you start it at the 11:22 mark, you’ll see our Sting Lifers who are the epitome of what we want our girls to become by our practice of ‘The Education of Life Through Soccer.

Lastly, a gentleman I work with blogged a very flattering piece on our relationship, called Brent Coralli’s Goal Scores With Me that was picked up online on, your destination for answers. In the blog, Andy writes – For me, Brent Coralli is an MVP to hundreds of young women. Every day, he shoots and scores. While I appreciate the kind words, I’m not sure I score all the time. Once again, I am very thankful to have such a dedicated team of individuals who want to better the lives of young women.

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